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Please save Black Box. Below you will find all the details and upcoming changes.

As you all know Black Box is repacking since 2010 and have released a tonne of repacks over the years, saved a countless amount of bandwidth and server more than million amount of users throughout the globe. We have never asked for donations or any sort of payment in return. We don’t like that. Our goal is to help the community and people who have low bandwidth/storage but still like to play video games without any change. We do these during free time and as you know life catches up one way or other. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain server and maintenance costs along with the staff. We are trying to overcome it but we have lost our affiliation partnership and this has made a bigger impact than we expected. Don’t worry we are not shutting Black Box but we could use some help to keep it smooth sailing.

Currently, we have more than 6 staffs who constantly monitor the community, update the sites, social media and constantly work on encoding week in and week out. None of the staffs really have any sort of stable payouts. We all do it during our free time and our love for low-bandwidth users (we have been there) for almost a decade.

Last few months have been extremely rough with no major releases and recently we lost our sponsorship deal which has affected in a very hard way. Our servers and expenses to maintain the Black Box are billed at $320 monthly and currently we haven’t made a dime to pay the invoices for this month. We are struggling to keep up and we could really use some help. We are actively trying to keep Black Box alive but as of late we are unable to pay the dues on time.

So we are introducing Patreon. As you all know what and how Patreon works. Patreon is a membership platform that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, as well as ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or “patrons.” You can help us by being a Paton. If you can’t, then no worries. You are still a part of Black Box community and we still love you for your support.

As a Patron, you will get various benefits such as Discord access, ad-free experience, inside details, FTP, direct links, 24 early access, direct requests, family sharing and more! We are adding more and more stuff to each tier.

We will also be having Patron hangouts and discussions to improve further. If you have any ideas/suggestions, feel free to make. Apart from tier rewards, we also have GOALS that will be worked once meeting the target. Currently, server dues and server file distribution is a priority.

Become a Patron today by clicking on the below link.

Any kind of help is highly appreciated.


Let’s talk upgrades:

  • Theme: we have not changed the theme for a long time and we are working on a new one. We will share the details in coming days and look for suggestions.
  • File distribution system: as you all know how file hosts are these days. The links are constantly taken down in less than 24 hours leaving you dry. We are trying to tackle it by setting up Black Box file distribution system where only BB files will be served.
  • iOS/Android app: low priority at the moment due to funding but once we reach the goal, we will be releasing a FREE mobile app for Black Box community which will cover all the repacks, chat system, track releases, requests and more!
  • Backup system: we daily receive hundreds of dead link messages. This is very hard to refresh is right away due to DMCA notices. We are working on a backup system that will provide 2-3 sets of links in-case of dead links.
  • Ad-free experience: in coming days, Black Box will be ad free experience.
  • More games. More repacks. With help funding, we will be taking in more requests and repack more games. We will including the small games too from now onwards.

That said, thank you, everyone, for your continuous support of the years. We appreciate it and you are what keeps Black Box alive.

-Black Box

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Black box March 4, 2019 at 11:42 am

Pleasei request you to defeat the Fitgirl repack she has many members and she is very arrogant and full of ego .I want you to beat her in more this I know she uses the compression method with ultraarc+srep+xtool library in her almost every game please use these tool and beat her.
I love you BB


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