Below is a short guide covering some of the common questions we get asked. It is by no means exhaustive and you may think you can do better, but it is simply designed to help you understand some of the terminology in our world.

Black Box Repack

There’s a shortcut in my Download | What is ? | Avatars | RAR

The Scene

Nuke | Dupe | Repack | DirFix | Proper | P2P | NFO

The Repack

How to download? | How to extract and install? | What is the password? | Error during installation?

Common errors and solutions.


There’s a shortcut in my Download
We include shortcut .url file in all our repacks. Opening the file will simply launch a site in your default browser. It’s there to help stop people reposting links as their own.

What is ? is a 3rd party link protector, we use this on our mediafire links in order to protect it from bots. This also protects links from deletion.


We have disabled avatar feature for all users for now. We are working on custom profile pages which will allow users to customize their profile and add avatar as well.


All files uploaded in more than one part will be RAR’d. RAR is a compression or archive similar to zip. The files can be un-RAR’d using WinRAR or most other archive utilities. All games contains 1GB rar parts.

The Scene


Nuke is the term applied by The Scene to a release that for one reason or another does not meet the scene rules. The Nuke may be applied by other members of The Scene or may be requested by the release group themselves. The reasons for the nuke can be anything from something fundamental like the audio and video being out of sync or parts of the video are missing to something technical such as not including a sample or say that the original release was not RAR’d correctly. Typical reasons include oversized, mislabelled, stolen from P2P, bad crop, bad aspect ratio, downsampled audio, bad ivtc and so on. If you see something has been nuked then you should always check the reason. It may not affect you.


Similar to a Nuke. The release has been cancelled due to being a duplicate. Sometimes this is because two groups released it around the same time; sometimes the dupe is from years ago. And sometimes for more technical reasons.


When a release is nuked for packing reasons, rather than to do with the content it will usually be fixed by way of a Repack, the same content but repacked.


Often used to fix nuke reasons such as mislabelling. This is like a patch to fix the problem rather than a full rerelease.


When a release has been Nuked this invites a fix by way of a Proper. A Proper is a new release by another group to replace the original. If a Proper is itself Nuked it’s replacement may be called Real.Proper.


All black box repacks are based on scene releases 99%, but few games sometimes don’t race and so we go forward for P2P release and make a repack. In this context P2P refers to anything that is not a scene release, so called because non-scene groups tend to issue their releases through well known Peer to Peer sites. A release being labelled as P2P does not mean that there is anything wrong with it.


An NFO file is issued with all our repacks. ascii generated on 05/09/2011.

The Repack

How to download?

All repacks contains multiple download links. Users can download by clicking on the links. It is recommended to use IDM or jD to download as a whole. Just copy the links to your download manager and start downloading.

How to extract and install?

Our repacks are RAR’d using winrar. Use Winrar or other active utilities to extract the files. Just run setup.exe to install the game.

What is the password?

Password for all our repacks is “”.

Error during installation?

If you face any error during installation, please copy setup files to your PC HDD and try to re-install again.

Common errors and solutions.

1) Links dead. What should I do?

Ans: Do not panic or spam the comment section. Just post “Dead links @post title”, we’ll fix all links within 24 hours.

2) CRC error?

Ans: It is usually caused when your download gets corrupted.So check the error part and download the particular part.

3) Wrong password?

Ans: Password for all our repacks is “”.

4) Installation struck for past 30 minutes?

Ans: Big games sometimes take much time to install, but if you’re not sure, wait for another 5-10 minutes or hit cancel button and re-install.

5) isdone.dll error?

Ans: Disable anti-virus and then install the game or follow this little video.

6) Game not working?

Ans: We test out repacks before posting, all games works fine. If you’re still facing any issue, post in related game posts and we’ll look into it.

Facing any more errors? Let us know.

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